Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

I have always liked roller coasters....but, this is a starting to get old.

I remember when I was a kid, I went to Bell's Amusement Park with a friend's church group. (Bells..........does anyone even remember that place?.....I am aging myself.) Anyway, we had wristbands that allowed us to get on the rides for free, all day, as often as we wanted. This was in the last years of the park so NO ONE was there and we rode the same rides over and over. We would ride the roller coasters and not even have to get off, we just flashed our wrists and we were off again, and again, and again. This was AWESOME and then it got old....really OLD. Finally, I jumped off saying, "I need a break."

Now that I am a parent of two sweet, sweet boys, this memory keeps popping up in my mind. The beauty of being a mom is that the sunny days are even more beautiful...the down side, the rainy days seem to last longer and be a little darker. (Have I mentioned it has rained for almost a week here in OKC?) The spouses long work days used to be rough, but now they seem to dictate our lives. I MISS my sisters.....we have always been the four Boys (between the three of us) 7 if you count husbands, make "girl time" RARE to say the least. Not to mention I "STRUGGLE" with over-commiting myself. Somehow I think getting the boys out of the house should only take a third of the time it actually takes.

I am in desperate need of a break and I think it is coming. 12 days until the boys and I leave for our first of many trips out to New Mexico this summer......I can't wait. I am going with my aunt and mother in law so girl time will happen too. BONUS!

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