Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playdates is having a Sale

A few years ago I decided that I would get all of my mall Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  This, along with making many of my gifts, has changed the feel of the Holiday season for the better.  I have never really liked crowds and I really don't like being pushed around or "fighting" over the last whatever.  So, you can see why the mall around Christmas is not for me.....even with the great sales.  (Lucky for me many of the sales begin around Halloween.) 

For those of you who will be avoiding the mall on Black Friday, I have a deal for you.  EVERYTHING at Playdates Without Pigtails will be 40% off.  (Midnight to Midnight, Central Time)  Shop, enjoy and I will mail out these orders on Saturday so you should have them by the next week.  

Time to get going....I have one more trip to the mall before tomorrow.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lunch with Carol

I was talking with a friend yesterday and it came up that a mutual friend had died. This was not a huge surprise because she had been very ill for quite some time. The surprise for me was that I had not found out until almost a month after the fact.

I met Carol at the church where I served as the Children and Youth Minister. I had a lot of experience with youth and hardly any with children. Carol's son was in the 5 year old class. She was intriguing to me for several reasons but most of all I was impressed with her love for her child and her commitment to surround him with the love of a church family. It was several months before I realized that Carol was married. Her husband did not usually attend church with them. This was surprising to me because she was so involved....I don't remember a time that I worshiped when she was not singing in the choir.

Carol and I became very close after she shared with me the struggles she had with her "family of origin" much like the ones I was experiencing. She was the person who helped me see that I could be whole again and that I could be a good mother if I decided to have children. We met several times and discussed these issues at length. I remember confiding in her the trouble I was having getting pregnant and wondering if this was God telling me I would not be a good mother. She basically laughed...........somehow this assured me that things would be okay. I remember meeting up with her for lunch, sitting in the window at Cheevers, telling her I was expecting. I think I was more excited to tell her than my own family because I knew how excited she would be. I remember sitting in the same restaurant several months later with my oldest, just a few weeks old, tucked away at our feet while we ate and admired him. She gave me the confidence I needed to know that I would be a good mother.

I loved to hear stories about her son. He was in elementary school by now and it made me realize how fast time flies. She told me stories of her husband and the highs and lows of starting his own business. It was so obvious how much she loved her family. It was also obvious to me what a strong figure she was in that family. Strong but not over-bearing. This struck me I am sure because I tend to have a strong presence in most situations and not always for the better. Carole also helped me figure out the role I wanted my career to play in my life. She was a brillient attorney that had experience all over the country, but she did not want to be identified as such. She wanted to be a mom. Law was what she did but not who she was. At the end of the day she was a mom and a wife.

Our relationship grew and eventually became very comfortable although I never took it for granted. I knew that much of the happiness and wholeness I felt with my own family came from these meetings with her. Three years ago this New Year's Eve I saw Carol and her husband. It was a beautiful evening...not too cold. We had taken our oldest to the OKC downtown celebration. I saw her from a distance and ran up to say "Happy New Year!" When she turned around, I knew something was wrong. She told me that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There were not words to express my sorrow and saddness. We hugged, went on, and she spent the next three years fighting for every minute she had with her family.

I will never forget Carol, her smile, her laugh, her voice in the choir. I truly believe God puts certain people in our lives to show us how to love and to be more like the person God created us to be. Carol is one of these people for me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Girlie Show was SUCCESSFUL

Friday night I volunteered and then attended the Girlie Show. It was awesome. I found numerous things to buy, but being a "good girl" I narrowed it down and bought my favorite....a robot clutch by RINK Frivolous Accessories.

There were several vendors that I are a few:
Curly Q Mosaics
Samantha Lamb
Robot Lizz
The HyperBunny

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First Order and a New Hat

What a great week. I sold and filled my first big order. I did not realize how rewarding it would be not just to sell some items that I created from nothing, but to hear all of the positive feedback. Thank you to all of you who have visited my Etsy shop and left me such kind words.

I have also been enjoying the hat I knit for myself on vacation. I love it. It is hand dyed and hand spun yarn from Madelinetosh. I love her stuff. Check it out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results from a Mom

November 5th is here and it seems like yesterday that I thought that this day would never get here.  We now know the next leader of our country.  I went in to tell my children goodnight one last time before I went to bed and it hit me.  We are in for a change.  I am not sure how that change will be received or how it will effect my family, but change is coming.  I hope the new leadership can serve as an example to my children of what it means to be compassionate and value life.  

It is strange to be a parent during such a big election.  My perspective has changed so drastically. I no longer take it for granted that things will just work themselves out.  I know how formative each year is for these little guys and now we have a new leader for the next four.  
Last night I watched CNN and ABC (national and local) coverage.  I also live blogged on Gather with a group led by Birdie.  That was so much fun.  A lot has changed since I used to vote in my elementary school. I voted for Regan.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Signs Around My Neighborhood

If you have pictures of signs around your neighborhood, leave the link in the comments!

For Whom to Vote?

I often am conflicted…..not necessarily for what candidate for whom to vote, but from whose perspective to vote. I used to believe that if everyone looked at the issues and voted for the candidate who most met their individual needs, we would have "the best candidate" for our country. Now, as a white middle class 30 year old stay at home mom living in middle America with a Master's degree and an equally educated, professional husband, things do not seem so black and white. Do I vote for the candidate who would be best for me or for my children? Is this the same candidate? Does it even matter?

I have also been raised in the Bible Belt and I have my Master's Degree in Religion. What role does my faith play? Do I vote for the candidate that most meets my needs or do I vote for the candidate that most meets the needs of my "neighbor"?

Here are a few things for which I am certain:
It does matter!
It is not black and white!
We are all children of God!
We are called by God to serve God's people.
It cannot be just about me and my children!

Best Laid Plans

I am sitting here at my first stop, The Red Cup. This is by far my favorite Coffee Shop in OKC, but today, of all days, it is not going well. The floor has been rotting in the bathrooms ever since I started to frequent this place and apparently they picked today to replace it. All I can hear is the sound of hammering and drilling.

To make matters worse their internet connection is down. I feel like I might as well be on Mars. No campaign talk or news. As soon as I scarf down my favorite, the #2, I am out of here…..skillet cookie and all.

Go Vote

Today is Election Day.  It almost feels like Christmas to me.  I love that so many people are thinking about the future of our children.  These are issues that plague my mind everyday.  It is a little discouraging, to me, that Oklahoma has been left off the list of swing is my crazy optimism speaking......but, I want to give a little credit to the people who live in the heart of Oklahoma who are working hard for a change that will impact the lives of my children and grandchildren.  I live just north of downtown neighborhood is littered with campaign signs.  The good news is.....this year it is mixed Red and Blue.  

So, inspired by Birdie, I am planning to sit in a couple of coffee shops and live blog the thoughts and discussions taking place.  My hope is that some of my out of state readers will see that Oklahoma is in this election too.  Enjoy!