Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results from a Mom

November 5th is here and it seems like yesterday that I thought that this day would never get here.  We now know the next leader of our country.  I went in to tell my children goodnight one last time before I went to bed and it hit me.  We are in for a change.  I am not sure how that change will be received or how it will effect my family, but change is coming.  I hope the new leadership can serve as an example to my children of what it means to be compassionate and value life.  

It is strange to be a parent during such a big election.  My perspective has changed so drastically. I no longer take it for granted that things will just work themselves out.  I know how formative each year is for these little guys and now we have a new leader for the next four.  
Last night I watched CNN and ABC (national and local) coverage.  I also live blogged on Gather with a group led by Birdie.  That was so much fun.  A lot has changed since I used to vote in my elementary school. I voted for Regan.  

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