Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Whom to Vote?

I often am conflicted…..not necessarily for what candidate for whom to vote, but from whose perspective to vote. I used to believe that if everyone looked at the issues and voted for the candidate who most met their individual needs, we would have "the best candidate" for our country. Now, as a white middle class 30 year old stay at home mom living in middle America with a Master's degree and an equally educated, professional husband, things do not seem so black and white. Do I vote for the candidate who would be best for me or for my children? Is this the same candidate? Does it even matter?

I have also been raised in the Bible Belt and I have my Master's Degree in Religion. What role does my faith play? Do I vote for the candidate that most meets my needs or do I vote for the candidate that most meets the needs of my "neighbor"?

Here are a few things for which I am certain:
It does matter!
It is not black and white!
We are all children of God!
We are called by God to serve God's people.
It cannot be just about me and my children!

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