Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playdates is having a Sale

A few years ago I decided that I would get all of my mall Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  This, along with making many of my gifts, has changed the feel of the Holiday season for the better.  I have never really liked crowds and I really don't like being pushed around or "fighting" over the last whatever.  So, you can see why the mall around Christmas is not for me.....even with the great sales.  (Lucky for me many of the sales begin around Halloween.) 

For those of you who will be avoiding the mall on Black Friday, I have a deal for you.  EVERYTHING at Playdates Without Pigtails will be 40% off.  (Midnight to Midnight, Central Time)  Shop, enjoy and I will mail out these orders on Saturday so you should have them by the next week.  

Time to get going....I have one more trip to the mall before tomorrow.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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