Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Born to Knit

If you read this blog at all, you know I love to knit. I have had a few knitting ah-ha moments this week that caused pause. The first was Christmas morning. My family has been in transition in the last few years. My parents recently divorced, my sisters and I have fully entered into adulthood and two of us into parenthood. So, there have been some traditions that have been blown from here to there. Imagine my surprise when my childhood Christmas stocking ended up as one of my sisters dogs stocking.......REALLY?! Toward the end of the morning my sister asked me if I would like to keep this stocking. Sure, I replied. Then and only then did I notice what was pictured on it....a lady knitting. I have looked at this so many times and for some reason, I never really thought about it. I was so excited. I was truly born to knit.

Then we were in Sunday school talking about New Year's Resolutions. I have never been big on resolutions, but last year was different. I decided to make a couple. One successful.......one, not so much. The less successful of the two was to Blog everyday. You of all people know this was a struggle to say the least. The other resolution was to only knit with patterns.......this was a result of the boredom I was feeling from almost two years of garter stitch. I am happy to say I have kept this one and this is the result.I made this shawl to wear at the one formal Holiday Party we go to every year. It made my night. I love how it turned out. I even learned to crochet the border.With that, I leave you with this from Lime N Violet....

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except for my spouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

“They’ll have toes by morning!” was all she’d declare.

The children were all snuggled with afghans in their beds,

While visions of amigurumi danced in their heads.

Mama knit Sara’s kerchief, and then Bob’s cap,

While I exhorted her to take a nap.

When down from the basement, there arose such a clatter,

I jumped from the sofa, to see what was the matter.

Away to the door, I flew like a flash,

I knew it was the cats, and I’d settle their hash.

The light under the stairs gave off such a glow,

And the noise that arose, caused me a gasket to blow.

What to my wondering eyes should appear,

But three Brother knitting machines, all going in full gear!

There Grandma stood, so lively and fast,

I knew in a moment, all gift worries were past.

As I watched in amazement, her fingers did fly,

and was jerked from my trance with a rousing cry!

“Now Lion Brand! Now Koigu! Now Fleece Artist and Louet!

On Yarn Pirate! On Mimknits! On Noro and Scout!

To the end of the row, now shape that shoulder!

Faster, and faster, those colors need to be bolder!”

As tangles arose like cobwebs in fall,

Grandma twitched each yarn, and saved them all.

Down she dipt in her basket, and snatched up a ball,

Nary a stitch was missed, she’d finish them all!

As I watched in amazement, I heard a metallic “tink.”

And watched as Grandma plucked her crochet hook from the floor with a wink.

She set to binding off everything with such flair,

I thought the sweaters were appearing out of air!

Grandma sewed, and seamed,

Wove ends in and steamed.

Found buttons and zippers, and grafted those toes,

And came out from all of it, smelling like a rose.

The gifts were all wrapped, and under the tree,

So Grandma turned, and blew a kiss to me.

The words drifted down to me, as she went up the stairs and out of sight:

“Merry Knitmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Friday, December 26, 2008

Take a Deep Breath

The holiday season is coming to an end and I am ready to take a deep breath.  Many of you know that one of the many reasons I blog is to have a place to report on all of the beauty and blessings in my life.  This is important to me because I spend a good part of most of my days dealing with a family member who is very sick.  This Christmas season was not much different than the ones I remember as a child.  Up and down, in and out, around and around.  The difference this year is that I think this might be the last roller coaster Christmas.  I rarely share this part of my life on this blog, but I feel like I owe a bit of an explanation to those of you who read with such loyalty this and have questioned my absence.  I am still here.  I am taking a deep breath and I will be back with a lot of great creative stuff in 2009.  With that.......Merry Christmas.  

By the way.....my awesome Sister In Law gave me Anna Maria Horner's new book, Seams to Me. It is as wonderful as I thought it would be.  She also made me a great bag....but that is for a future post.  Thanks Michelle.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Little Christmas

We hosted our annual Sunday school Christmas party. This year, being the good Methodist I have become :), I thought we should have more than just food and drink. So, the youth director in me said.....GAMES. I know, cheesy, but it was a lot of fun. Everyone wore their ugliest sweater and we gave awards to the top three. We played dirty Santa with ornaments and we played the bell game. All in all a great night.

Monday, December 8, 2008

An Awesome Giveaway

I have a couple of dozen blogs that I frequently read....and try to comment on. One of my favorites is Confessions of a Craft Addict. She has such wonderful ideas and has provided me with a lot of inspiration. She is currently hosting a HUGE GIVEAWAY. Check it out! Let me know if you sign up.....I am curious how many I send her way.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just led a lesson at Mom's Group on Hurry Less Worry Less at Christmas and this is all I have done of the boy's handmade Christmas. I can't believe it is December 2nd.

Monday, December 1, 2008