Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

An Era is coming to an end. We are getting ready to move from our first home to a new home. This is a very exciting time, but also a time of sadness. We moved into this house in January of 2004, I think. I know it was January. We had heard great things about our neighborhood, but no one could have prepared me for the wonderful people who surrounded us. They have become more like family than neighbors. We have numerous annual parties like a lot of great streets, but we also have Friday Night Cocktail Hour and countless impromptu nights of advice, venting, and simple laughter. I brought both of my babies home to this house and would not survived new-motherhood had it not been to the love and support and presence of my street. Today our neighbors across the street, know to most of us as "the boys", are closing on the sale of their house. We close at the end of the month. I will never forget this time or these people and since they are more family than neighbor's, I am expecting many more memories in the future.

Better Late than Never

I was tagged by Knitterista and Living to Tell the Tale to list seven random facts about myself. So, here goes....
1. I do not like waiting in line for food. It makes me feel like cattle. I will wait and wait for a line to go down before I get up at a buffet. This has always been a small issue for me, but lately I just can't stand it. I really don't like to wait on a table, but for a really good meal I will make an exception.
2. I have several (well, how do I put this....most people call them hobbies) that I treat like career's. It makes me happy so....whatever. Knitting. Writing. Photography. Design. Just to name a few.
3. I have anxiety attacks with the slightest bit of change in my life.....Did I mention we are moving?
4. I am obsessed with downtown/urban living. Ask any of my friends....I drive them crazy telling them how much I love living downtown and I will never, never, never move out......I am sure someday I will eat my words. :) And, yes, I live in Oklahoma City......not New York, but it is still urban.
5. I never forward on chain e-mails and I have yet to have anything really bad happen to me as a result.
6. I have a recent obsession with road runners....I don't know why, but I do.
7. Well.....I am really struggling here.....I don't ever wear pantyhose. Yuck... they make me itch. (They make my legs itch....get your mind out of the gutter.)

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Little of this and a Lot of that

A lot has been going on at our house lately.  I have been very focused on preparing our home to sell so most of my knitting, sewing, crafting supplies have been packed.  Apparently not everyone sees them as esthetically pleasing as I do.  But, the house is looking great and I am getting more excited everyday about our new home.  

I have also spent excessive amounts of time planning my renovations to my summer home in New Mexico.  I have this dream to (inexpensively) take it back to the eclectic style my great grandmother dreamed it would be.  My dad gave me a great book for my birthday called Santa Fe Style by Christine Mather and Sharon Woods.  It has given me a lot of great ideas and provided endless inspiration.  I will post more soon.....I am also working to develop a blog that focuses on this unique style.

I am still keeping up with my regular reading, writing, photography, knitting and listening to podcasts.  This really does help me keep my mind fertile for new ideas while I am loving the time I have at home with my kiddo's.  I am currently reading and loving The Ten Year Nap.  I am listening to Cast On, Creative Mom Podcast, and Craftsanity.  I am also blogging here, here, and here.  As for the pictures and the knitting.  I will post pictures when I have some finished products.  

I am really hoping to create a larger readership, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them here as a comment or e-mail me.