Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Little of this and a Lot of that

A lot has been going on at our house lately.  I have been very focused on preparing our home to sell so most of my knitting, sewing, crafting supplies have been packed.  Apparently not everyone sees them as esthetically pleasing as I do.  But, the house is looking great and I am getting more excited everyday about our new home.  

I have also spent excessive amounts of time planning my renovations to my summer home in New Mexico.  I have this dream to (inexpensively) take it back to the eclectic style my great grandmother dreamed it would be.  My dad gave me a great book for my birthday called Santa Fe Style by Christine Mather and Sharon Woods.  It has given me a lot of great ideas and provided endless inspiration.  I will post more soon.....I am also working to develop a blog that focuses on this unique style.

I am still keeping up with my regular reading, writing, photography, knitting and listening to podcasts.  This really does help me keep my mind fertile for new ideas while I am loving the time I have at home with my kiddo's.  I am currently reading and loving The Ten Year Nap.  I am listening to Cast On, Creative Mom Podcast, and Craftsanity.  I am also blogging here, here, and here.  As for the pictures and the knitting.  I will post pictures when I have some finished products.  

I am really hoping to create a larger readership, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them here as a comment or e-mail me.  

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