Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

An Era is coming to an end. We are getting ready to move from our first home to a new home. This is a very exciting time, but also a time of sadness. We moved into this house in January of 2004, I think. I know it was January. We had heard great things about our neighborhood, but no one could have prepared me for the wonderful people who surrounded us. They have become more like family than neighbors. We have numerous annual parties like a lot of great streets, but we also have Friday Night Cocktail Hour and countless impromptu nights of advice, venting, and simple laughter. I brought both of my babies home to this house and would not survived new-motherhood had it not been to the love and support and presence of my street. Today our neighbors across the street, know to most of us as "the boys", are closing on the sale of their house. We close at the end of the month. I will never forget this time or these people and since they are more family than neighbor's, I am expecting many more memories in the future.

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AngelVoice said...

Hey mommacurran where have you been?