Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We will Survive

I cannot stand to be cooped up in the house. I know no one likes it, but I really despise it. I started getting nervous about the ice storm last the time the ice began to fall, I was completely crazy. BUT, the good news is with the help of my "charming" children and a little creativity, we will survive. Here is how we have been passing the time.
The boys were looking at the "snow". They wanted to go make snow angels, but I told them that would be a little difficult since it was not snow...just a lot of ice. They were not convinced. Then the older one asked if they were going to get more presents.....of course, since Santa comes every time it snows.

I decided to make my Nanny's Dumplin's. I have her recipe box and the Chicken 'n Dumplin card, but there are a few things you have to do by memory. They turned out delicious. Ummmmmm.

While I was looking for the equipment, the boys decided to play "pots and pans". They got this idea from the Sandra Boynton song. I gave each of them a jello mold and a wooden spoon. They loved it and paraded all over the house. Then......Adam said, we need more bigger, louder pots and pans.

Today, school is out again, but the sun is out!!!! We are going to make it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How about a little Oklahoma Weather?

Here in Oklahoma we have a variety of weather issues. In short, when it's hot, it's hot and when it's cold, its cold! I left the house a little before nine this morning and it was a little cold. Two hours later my car was iced over and the roads were SLICK. Now I am home bound and knitting. This would really be a bummer if I had to be out, but for now I am enjoying a COLD day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogging Barack

Yesterday was truly and inspiring day. I was so excited that I woke up at 5 am and planned out my day so I could see and listen to as much of the inauguration as possible. It was great to see so many people attending and tuned in to the future of our country.

I am so excited that the future of our country, although in turmoil, seems so hopeful for my little guys. I am so proud to raise them in a country of diversity and freedom.

I kept meaning to sit down and blog, but everytime I had the opportunity I became distracted by all of the happenings. Finally, I fell asleep to commentary at Ball #4. I think I even had a little inauguration hang over this morning because I was still a little distracted. So, I started looking for other bloggers that were not so easily distracted.

A picture of my little guy earlier in the fall.

Halloween Costume from Soule Mama

Cupcakes from Design Mom

These two fabric swatches from True Up

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Yarn -- New Pattern

I guess it is not really "old yarn", but I have had it since my fall trip to New Mexico. I ran into Tapetes de Lana in Mora with the boys (husband and all) in the car. I planned just to take a quick look, but when I saw this yarn and then read the story behind the sheep from which it came, I had to buy some. I had just decided not to buy anymore yarn without a specific pattern. So, already breaking my promise......I bought 5 hanks.

The yarn that I picked out is a blueish green color. It is made from the wool of Ramouillett Sheep. The Ramouillett Sheep originated among the Moors of North Africa during the 14th century. Their distan ancestors accompanied Moorish Conquerers to Spain. The result "The legacy of the Spanish Merino". The Merino sheep were protected by the King of Spain and their fine wool dominated the European trade until 1786 when the King sent a small flock to his cousin at the Ramouillett farm in France. Thus, the breed began.

I have been trying to figure out what to make. I really don't have enough for a sweater, but I have more than enough for a scarf. Then, while working at SWAK a couple of weeks ago, someone asked if we had a pattern for a hooded scarf. I eventually found this in the Winter 2008, Interweave Knits. So, as soon as I finish the scarf I am making with the awesome hand dyed Misti Alpaca my sister in law gave me for Christmas and the Central Park hoodie I have been working on for months now. I am going to start this:

Here is a picture of the great scarf. It is a free pattern we got out at Victory Ranch, Mora, NM. I made it a little thinner so that it would turn out longer. I really like how it is turning out.