Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We will Survive

I cannot stand to be cooped up in the house. I know no one likes it, but I really despise it. I started getting nervous about the ice storm last the time the ice began to fall, I was completely crazy. BUT, the good news is with the help of my "charming" children and a little creativity, we will survive. Here is how we have been passing the time.
The boys were looking at the "snow". They wanted to go make snow angels, but I told them that would be a little difficult since it was not snow...just a lot of ice. They were not convinced. Then the older one asked if they were going to get more presents.....of course, since Santa comes every time it snows.

I decided to make my Nanny's Dumplin's. I have her recipe box and the Chicken 'n Dumplin card, but there are a few things you have to do by memory. They turned out delicious. Ummmmmm.

While I was looking for the equipment, the boys decided to play "pots and pans". They got this idea from the Sandra Boynton song. I gave each of them a jello mold and a wooden spoon. They loved it and paraded all over the house. Then......Adam said, we need more bigger, louder pots and pans.

Today, school is out again, but the sun is out!!!! We are going to make it.


Mary said...

Your forgot the yellow food coloring silly!!


Knitterista said...

JD took a similar shot of Flynnie looking out his bedroom window longing to be outside...too cute!