Friday, February 13, 2009

Is it really just February?

Tuesday was a fairly nice day here in the metropolis of Oklahoma City. I got a lot done and just before I picked up the boys I ran out to pick up the "supplies" the oldest had asked for to make Valentine cards. I pulled onto the highway to head to their school and the Tornado Siren started to go off. Really? It is February. The radio starts telling people to get out of their cars....this is the last thing I am going to do. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life, and I still a little unnerving when you hear those words. Now that I have kids, it is really upsetting. I have no confidence that anyone but me can protect them from danger.....I know, this is why I am going gray. So, I make it to school, rush in, rush out, and we get home. It is not until I turn on the TV that I realize the storms are way north of me. So, we watch the weather and made our Valentine's. It was a great time. I even let them use themselves. This is BIG for a Type A like me. They turned out great. The little one worked and worked on his first card. The older one plowed on through and made several. I kept trying to take the little one's card and get him started on another. This was to no avail. Finally, after four or five attempts he said, "here Mama." I guess he was finished. Precious.

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