Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Signs Around My Neighborhood

If you have pictures of signs around your neighborhood, leave the link in the comments!


AngelVoice said...

I think the I heart Sarah! sign is cute! :) Do you think we can say that even though the president is a publicly elected official, do you think it is safe to say that this is all in God's plan? Is it God's plan or is it the average American's?

AmyC said...

I think that it is God's plan that we take care of God's people. Is there a perfect "divine" candidate for that???? I don't think so. But, I do think that God intends for us to research and vote for who we believe would do this best. I also think that if one candidate claims that they are "God's Candidate" or a church claims that one Candidate reflects God's will more than the other one should take pause. I don't believe God is cheering for one candidate over the other. I believe God is cheering for all of us to be thoughtful and consider "our neighbor" when we vote. Saying all of that....there is one candidate that I feel falls more in line with what I believe is "taking care of God's people" more than the other, but that is just my opinion....not God's.