Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from Boston

Dillon and I had an awesome time in Boston. He had a CLE and I had a little vacation sans kids. It was kind of strange...being away from the boys, that is....but we had a great time. Here are a few of the highlights. The weather was a little dreary and pretty warm for this Okie, but there were a couple of absolutely beautiful days.

I walked from our hotel (that, by the way, from our window, we could look down into Fenway Park....AWESOME) across the Harvard Bridge, through MIT and all over Harvard University. This was my own little fantasy world, being the professional student I am. I even thought about sitting in on a class or two, but I chickened out.

On Saturday, when Dillon and I had a whole day together, we took a ferry over to Salem. It was a little touristy for me, but once we got past all of the people dressed as witches there were some wonderful homes and boutiques. I fell in love with this yellow house. The weather was beautiful and we just walked and walked. A perfect day and surroundings to catch up with my husband.

The sun was setting as we returned on the ferry. We got back to Boston just in time to watch the game at a fun little place up north. A Great Day!

The day we flew out our flight did not leave until late afternoon. So, we got up and walked the Freedom Trail. I know, a little dorky, but it was really interesting and a beautiful day. This is a picture of North Church, where the lanterns of Paul Revere are kept. You can see them up in the steeple. We ate lunch, when we weren't really hungry, just to eat one more Italian meal on the North Side. Then, as luck would have it, the Head of the Charles Regatta was taking place near our hotel, so we watched that for a while.

As you can can probably tell from the excessive use of superlatives we had a Wonderfully Spectacular time.

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GracefulMommy said...

I love your pictures! I've heard Boston is one of those "perfect cities" and Clay and I can't wait to travel up the east coast. I have a question for do I leave you a message without it having to be just a comment on your latest blog?