Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Brother

I am very lucky to have another great guy to add to my list of Brother In Law's. Yes, that is right, Mary, my much younger sister is getting married. Congratulations to the Happy Couple.

By the way, Joel did great on the Ring. The diamond was given to Mary by my grandmother. It was my great grandmother's, Mary's namesake.

Here we are celebrating....yes, I am the older, wiser, bigger one of the bunch!


AngelVoice said...

I saw the ring on Saturday... dang!! :)
I got to see each of your sisters, but not you! That's sad.

Kelsey said...

Congratulations to Mary!! She's all grown up...the years have flown by; sometimes it feels like just yesterday we were in highschool. Thank goodness we're not, though!