Monday, January 29, 2007

Begin the year with the Y

I have had two children in the past 17 months and my body is paying the price. I have gained more than 30 pounds and have lost all traces of muscle tone and control...if you know what I mean. I have always enjoyed the gym, but this year I need to embrace it with a whole new vigor. Nathan was 6 weeks old last Thursday, this means he can go to Child Watch and I am back in the Gym.

Today was my first official day back. It was fun and refreshing. I turned on my fun red ipod and hit the cardio room. I plan to get set up with a trainer on Thursday. We will see where it goes. Let the 30 pound countdown begin.

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Morgan said...

You can do it, just stick with it! I gained over 65 lbs with Henry (I stopped counting at that point). It took over a year for the weight to come off (with the exception of a few pounds). Hang in there!