Monday, January 29, 2007

A New Year

January is always a time for me to look at my life and evaluate the direction I am going. 2007 is a year of a lot of change....I am not a big fan of change....Nathan was born, I "retired" from my job, I am staying home with my boys.

To adjust I have started knitting and sewing, I am recommitting myself to writing, and I think I will try to review a book every Friday...which means reading a book a week. These are not just changes and activities to pass the time. I want to be interesting! I would love to be published and I want to find myself amidst all of the confussion of a broken family and a broken world.

I want to be interesting for myself, my kids, my husbands, and my friends. I think interesting is creative, unique, intelligent, and full of experiences. I pride myself having a variety of friends all with unique personalities and lives. I need to do my part in developing a well rounded life for a well rounded world.

"Read This and Tell Me What it Says" is the title of a book of short stories. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed the title more than the book and it has always stayed with me. I think that it takes us looking back and the help of others to see our true selves. That is what this blog is inteded to do.

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