Monday, August 6, 2007


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I finally finished the prayer shawl I began ???months ago. I make these with a Knitting Group from my church. We make them for people who are sick or homebound for a little homemade comfort. Sometimes we know them, sometime not. I began this one for a friend's sister who had a baby in need of a liver transplant. He received the transplant and is doing awesome. I finished this for a friend who is fighting Stage IV liver cancer. I met her when I worked as a Children's Minister....her son, now 10, was one of my favorites. Now, I need to get up the nerve to go see her. Life is so short and full of excitement and sorrow.


Jessica Chapman said...

IT is lovely... and so funny to see those little feet poking out. :)

Knitterista said...

yeah for amy!!!! what's next??????

mommacurran said...

hats! hats! and more hats! we'll see.