Sunday, August 19, 2007

We have been pretty busy around the Curran house. I finally finished the thank you notes for Adam's birthday. Better late than never, but I really need to work on getting thank you's out better. I don't know why I didn't just buy some ready made cards....I am on a serious DIY kick. Here is a peek.I have had these books for a month....I re-checked them out and they were still overdue. Bad Mom! We enjoyed them throughly. Adam never gets tired of nursery rhymes and I LOVE everything Eric Carl...Flora and Tiger is a collection of his essays.
Finally, I made it to the post office last week (my least favorite errand). I almost bought 400 stamps to ensure that I would not have to return until both boys are walking "aggressively"....I decided that would be excessive. To make it worth my trip, I bought some fun stamps. Super Heros!
We are out of here for a little while. The boys and I will be enjoying some mountain time out in New Mexico. We will be back at the end of the month. Until then....

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L,M -N-O said...

400 stamps! Wow, you really hate the post office. I always send Mitchell to get me stamps when he is downtown. We missed you at Heather's b-day celebration. I am sure we will miss you on Sunday as well. I hope you are having a good time in NM. Give me a call when you get home. We need to get together sometime. Talk to you soon. Laetitia