Thursday, September 6, 2007

A New Knitters Dream

I am tentatively planning a knitting "get away". I have a vision of a small group a knitters from all over the country with all different skill levels meeting in the mountains, at Casa de Maria, to meet, knit, share stories, and visit some "fiber stops". So, while on a recent trip out to Las Vegas, NM, I stopped in at the visitors information place. I asked if she was aware of any local yarn spinners, retailers, etc. She suggested Ironstone Yarns...gave me directions, a map and a phone number. I was off. She neglected to mention that this was Ironstone Yarns' warehouse. I found the building and there was no sign. I called the number and asked if they had a retail area where I could shop...the woman said no, but suggested that I come in and look around.
What a treat! There was more yarn then I could have ever dreamed. Jan, showed me around, let me pick a project and then sold me the yarn at wholesale price. I mentioned my possible trip and she said to just give her a call and she would set up a tour. What a great day! I will post more pictures on Flickr.

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