Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bedlam 2007

Bedlam at the Curran home is always a little bit tricky.  I am a LOYAL OU fan and Dillon is a LOYAL OSU fan.  However, things got more complicated this year because we are now proud owners of OU season football tickets.  Here is the long and short of our day.
We wake up to snow on the ground and a 2 year old with a temperature.  We pack up our Thanksgiving trip bags and head out to Grandma Jan's....we convince ourselves that the 2 year old will be just fine and we are "just a phone call away"...and a 2 hour drive.  We head to Norman, hit Pepe Delgado's for some Pork Taco's.....the best Mexican food ever!  Then we head to the game.  We hike up to our seats and watch.  We watched and cheered and watched and cheered.  We stayed until the last second.  The Sooner's came out on top, the ponies, Boomer and Sooner, were retired, and Joel had his last home game as a member of the Pride.  We finished our night with Tim and Tracy at Turquoise....Pepe's new restaurant.    A Great Day.....victory again.....until next year!

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GracefulMommy said...

Boomer Sooner!! A great game, eh? We had a blast in the weather, on the upper deck, no less. Hope the little one is okay. See you thursday