Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

Ice Storm 2007
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Well, things have been a little rough here in Oklahoma. We had a major ice storm and my family has not had power since 1 am Monday. The boys have been sick and my poor husband is living in our house with no heat or lights and working during the day. Did I mention we were supposed to have baby boy's first birthday party on Saturday?......invitations have already gone out. Yuck!

The picture you see is of our street sign.  Can you find it?

Here is the link to more pictures....

And a link to Dillon on the news.....


GracefulMommy said...

Hey girl...We're in the same boat. no power since 4 am Monday. Staying at my inlaws. Clay's brother is here with his family too because of the power outages. 2 dogs, 3 kids, and 6 adults. We're having a big time. We lost our huge tree in the front yard. They hauled it away today. Hope you get power soon...and hope to see you tomorrow.

Mrs. Pivec said...

Wow! Those are some amazing pictures! Are you keeping cozy and warm? Do you have power back yet? Some of those pictures you took are so beautiful: the bridge overlooking the park, the statue of the girl, and the lamp dripping with icicles - that one was my girls' favorite.

I don't scrapbook so much anymore, but those photos are worth keeping for generations to come!

Be safe and keep warm!

mommacurran said...

We are staying warm but we are ready to get home. Things are not looking good for that until next week.....but, hopefully we will be surprised SOON!

The pictures are pretty amazing.