Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When my passions collide....

I love it when I get that tingly feeling that "something was meant to be."  I have a lot of passions this day.  When I say passion, I am not being over-expressive.  Obsessions might be a better word. Anyway, as you probably know, if you read this blog, I love to knit.  I started knitting about two and a half years ago.  Very seldom do I take to something like this....but, I LOVE it.  I have to knit everyday or my day is just not complete.  

Let me set the scene.  I started knitting and the first thing I did was purchase knitting books to feed my book obsession.  Then I started blogging to feed my writing obsession.  The blogging led to podcasts which to me to the CMP.  Amy on the CMP knits and then thus I began listening to knitting blogs.  I took several weeks last summer in the mountains just me and the babies so I ran out of knitting blogs so I googled writing blogs and thus discovered Writers on Writing by Barabra DeMarco-Barrett.  I listened to almost all of her back episodes...and there are a lot. She talks about her book Pen on Fire so I bought the book and read it.  Now, I keep up with her Pen on Fire blog.  

So, imagine the excitement when I logged on to Ravelry today and glanced at the list of new groups.  I saw a group called Knitters Who Write.  I decided to check it out.  I almost turned away and then I decided to check out the moderator.  Her website is knittingonfire.blogspot.com....and I thought, what a rip off.  (I know, I know...the name of my blog came from the title of the book, but what can I say.)  She totally ripped off Barbara's book title.  I read on, and it is Barbara DeMarco-Barrett.  I am such a dork....I know.  But, I am a fan, what can I say.  I shot her a quick message and added her as a friend and the group to my ever growing list.  

My universe seems to all be coming together now.  :)

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