Monday, August 24, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

I have been joking back and forth with a cousin recently. She posted something on Twitter about with every rain their is a rainbow and I told her (after the summer I have had) there still is no sign of a rainbow. She commented that I should pray for sunshine. Well, heck, here in Oklahoma in August I am SICK of sunshine and there is still no rainbow in sight. Then I went to church on Sunday, and found the answer I had been looking for.

Our minister preached a sermon entitled "Learn to Dance in the Rain." In a nutshell, it was about how there will be storms in our lives and the gift that God gives us is the ability to not be afraid to dance in the rain. This got me thinking. I do know how to dance in the rain. This was much easier when I was a child and had less inhibition, but I still remember.....I think. Dancing in the rain as an adult is a little different.

1. I know people may talk. Why is she so happy today? Wasn't she crying her eyes out yesterday?

2. I feel guilty. How can I have a party for my child and invite all of our friends and my dad's new wife? What would mom think? Should I take her picture down for the party so people don't feel uncomfortable?

3. Eventually you are going to have to clean up. Not just dry off, but really clean up and get things back to "normal".

On the other hand, things are not all that different now.

It feels good to think about nothing but the fun you are having in the moment.

This is what I did this weekend as I had my son's 4th birthday party. I had been dreading in for weeks. How can I be in charge of such a fun event when I still feel so sad? God gives us the ability to dance in the rain. I was dancing and I didn't even realize it. I sent out e-mail invitations a couple of weeks in advance, but the preparation for the party did not start until the day before. It all worked out and now I know why.
We turned the backyard playground into a superhero hideout.
We made capes for all of the kids....24 to be exact.
We strung flags to wave over head.
We invited all of my favorite superhero's!

The cake was a bit of a disaster. I can cook, I can knit, I can design invitations, I can sew. I CANNOT Bake!!! But, it worked out. I just wrote, "we've been attacked!"

A perfect way to celebrate the best day of my entire life.....when I became a mom. Two days later he started preschool. What a big boy.


AngelVoice said...

The superhero theme was perfect!!! I loved it!!! :) You're so creative and talented... (but the cake... you definitely needed your aunt Claudia!)

I'm glad for the advice of learning to dance in the rain... cuz, I'm sick of seeing the rain and no rainbow too! :)

Meagan said...

What a cute idea! Looked like everyone was having a lot of fun!