Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Natural Rhythm

I was recently talking with my aunt....b@#ching is more accurate. She made a comment that really added some perspective to the situation. She said, “you know, this season too will pass.” It was made in reference to my feelings of a strained relationship with a family member, but it also made me think about the time that I have right now with my children and as a stay at home mom. I have spent so much time sulking around this house this summer. It is time to get up and get going. Do something I love! Enjoy my children.

I have decided to go back to the natural rhythm that I discovered while on maternity leave with both of my children. I had my list of things I had to do: eat, feed baby, change baby, bathe, sleep. That was pretty much it. I just resigned myself to do this in whatever order felt natural and run over the list every evening to make sure all had been accomplished. Life was so simple yet also difficult, but I found as I listened to my body and did what felt like was what needed to be done at that moment, everything was completed. My list is longer now and includes things like laundry, picking up bedrooms, walking the dog, preparing meals, definitely a work out, and even blogging. I am going to revisit this pan and try to find a more natural rhythm and one that leaves time and energy for the things I want to do, reading, writing, and knitting. This season too will pass and I want to enjoy every moment along the way....well, maybe not every moment, but most of them.


ck said...

I know our struggles are not the same, but your blog really speaks to me - and today was exactly what I needed to hear :-) Thank you for sharing of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. I think I am still in the maternity leave plan...my plan is to get past it!