Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Such a Joiner

I have always been a joiner. I love to meet with other people and chat, knit, create, whatever. I come by it naturally. Here is and article about my paternal grandmother....Patsy Brown is my "Grandma Brown". FYI...she still calls this "study club" and when I ask what she studies she tells me they talk about raising their children. Now that is a committed mother. We should take notes.

Chi Beta marks 60 years with celebration

By Kasey Fowler, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

Chi Beta, a former child study club, met Monday afternoon to honor charter members of the now social club at its 60th anniversary celebration.

Three of the nine charter members of Chi Beta, Peggy Scheffe, Pasty Brown and Dottie Shockly, came to the meeting and discussed the early days of the club. Chi Beta started in September 1949.

“I was in one in Sand Springs, Oklahoma,” Scheffe said. “When I moved here we decided to organize one here. It started as a child study group to learn about how to raise children.”

Chi Beta always had 30 members. The only requirement to be considered for membership was a woman had to be pregnant or have a baby.

“My rabbit died, so they let me join,” Brown said.

She explained in that day when a woman was thought to be pregnant, the doctor injected a rabbit with fluid from the woman. If the rabbit died, the woman was pregnant.

When the club was first formed they met twice a month at a member’s home.

“We met two times a month. We had babies, and we were happy to get away,” Brown said.

“And, our husbands learned to baby-sit,” Shockly added.

The Chi Betas also did volunteer work.

“All the Chi Betas worked on the telethon for the Vision and Hearing Clinic. We do Meals on Wheels,” Brown said. “We took a lot of toys and clothes to the YWCA. We always had a project.”

Chi Beta now is a social club that meets in the afternoon once a month.

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KendraJane said...

This sounds like our group (minus the dead rabbits)! Do you think we'll also still be meeting in 50 years?