Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Toy

I was walking the dog a couple of Saturday's ago and noticed a yard sale at a house at the end of my block. I decided I needed to stop in mainly just to see the house up close. I was quickly checking things out as I heard one of the owners say, "I wish we knew a sewing guild to get a hold of." I stopped, dead in my tracks and asked what type of sewing materials they had. FOUR sewing machines and an assortment of notions. All of the machines were in awesome condition....books, presser feet, and everything. I crossed my fingers for a Singer Featherweight, but no such luck. However they did have a Singer 330A (I think) and a 1951 Singer Centennial Model that belonged to the late owners' mother. It was in a beautiful wooden case and appeared to be in working order. Now, I am the proud owner of my first vintage machine. I cleaned it up, but I am having a little trouble getting it to sew. I think it is user error, because everything appears to be in working order. Here are some more pictures of my little beauty!


ck said...

That is SO cool! The machine I used until a few months ago was my Grandma's from 1961 (and weighed about as much as a '61 Buick) - have fun!

creativemom said...

That is a great find and in such good condition! :) Very pretty!