Monday, January 4, 2010

Naughty is the New Nice

Here is a little look at our Christmas card from this year. I love Christmas cards, but I am ALWAYS a little late getting them out. So, I have gone to the generic holiday card just in case. I do think everyone received their cards BEFORE Christmas.

I try to do something creative that reflects our past year. Well.....2009 was the year of two 3 year old's....Adam from Jan-July and Nate from December 14th and on. This WILL NEVER happen again. Thank goodness! I tell you three year old boys are a challenge. Now, I can just sit back and wait until my friends with girls have prepubescent daughters....then, maybe they will begin understand the sass! (Now if I can just survive until Nate is 4!) That is my resolution for this year...survive three!

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