Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why I blog

I blog as an outlet and to live out this fantasy that other intelligent people care about what I have to say. Blogging, for me, is not just about what you write, but about what others write that inspires you. I blog about my kids, my family, my "creative ventures", etc. I read about others kids, family, and "creative ventures". Some of these people I feel a strong connection with. However, I feel offended when I feel like they are leaving crucial parts of their lives out of the story. I don't know why. I understand it is none of my business, but I still fell shorted. This causes me to wonder....what is it that I leave out. Is it that I struggle with the addiction of a loved one? Or that I despair over not being able to spend as much time with my husband that I would like to? I want to be honest, but I know that people do not always appreciate honesty in its raw form. I hope to be the kind of reader/friend that does appreciate this part of life.

Inspired by decor8.

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lindiepindie said...

Interesting post. I see both sides of it. I hardly post about anything besides my fisnished crafts. I'm increasingly less willing to post about my family because I'm a bit freaked out by cyberspace. But then I feel sort of deceptive because people will say that I am super mom and I know that I'm NOT! What to do? I don't know.