Tuesday, September 9, 2008

19 to Go

I am very excited that I have been asked to lead the Knitting Group, Knit 1 Give 2 (K1,G2) at my church. One of the projects we work on in the fall is a gift for each of the 70+ homebound members at our church. This year, I am trying to make 10 sets of patterned dishcloths/washcloths. These are a favorite among many and a nice little luxury. I have made one and now I have 19 to go to give 10 sets of 2. I will post more about K1,G2 as the weeks go on. Happy Wednesday!


AngelVoice said...

Oh WOW! Only 19 to go, eh? Also, I just wanted to say a great big, "Thank You!" for going with Erica to the doctor! I know she really appreciated someone being there with her!

Tigre said...
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