Friday, September 5, 2008

February Ladies Sweater

A few weeks ago.....well, maybe months......heck, I can't remember, my Wednesday night SnB group decided to do a sweater.  I had pretty much convinced myself that I would not knit garments that I would actually wear out in public, but when I looked at the pattern I couldn't pass it up.  So, I bought some O-Wool at Keely's Birthday Sale and got started.  (By the way, I LOVE the O-Wool).  I am hooked.  I love knitting it and it is actually looking fairly wearable.  The dove lace pattern is a little messed up in parts, but it still looks pretty good.  I am finishing up the edging today and I will do the sleeves next week.

This sweater holds a lot of memories other than being my first.  It saw me through the Olympics......there is a huge chunk dedicated to Michael Phelps.  It was with me through the DNC, Hurricane Gustav, the nomination of Sarah Palin and a few football games.  Now, I am ready to start the Central Park Hoodie.  That will be on the needles soon


omly said...

I love this sweater design so much. How one sweater pattern can look so great on baby and grown up alike boggles my mind. I love the color you picked for it too.

meredith said...

LOVE the sweater! glad you're back in the blogosphere. what kind of biz did you start? looking forward to hearing more about it. btw, i'm a big believer that we women CAN have it all (whatever that all is to each of us), so keep up the good work:)

Anonymous said...

you better wear that sweater's turning out cute.

i have that pattern on my to-do's as well.

oh and look...the pillow in the background!!!