Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have No Fear!

"Speak your truths boldly on journaled surfaces others can see, and the truth will set you all free. Journal a Lazy Susan with your frustrations about running in circles and getting nowhere. Let your napkin holder extol the joys of getting food all over your face. Your flower pots can announce what wishes grow inside. This type of journaling will spark conversation, laughter and closer relationships." -- Journal Revolution, Linda Woods and Karen Dinino

I used to journal and I take it back up here and there. I never get very far but I often think of this blog as my Journal. It is not as private as the words I write in a carefully selected book, but it is a Journal none the less. I often hit a wall when trying to get a post started. I love to have a picture or illustration at the top of each entry. I read this quote this morning and it made me think about getting out of my comfort zone and using illustrations or photographs of something less glamorous than what I have done in the past and us this as insight into my mind.

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