Monday, December 7, 2009

picture of ME, Monday

I bet you think I forgot! I didn't, I am just now sitting down for the day. This has been a Monday for sure. Ironically, my sister in law wrote a little about her distaste of pictures of her last week too. I guess I am not alone. Well, I said if you sent me pictures I would show them. So here we go!This one is from my aunt Cindy. It is a sweet picture although the uncropped version is a little risque for this blog. This is a picture of me and my parents my first Christmas. My uncle (mom's oldest brother) sent it to me.....along with some others that will make an appearance at some point. I think my mom looks beautiful in this picture. Dad isn't too shabby either.

Here is a picture off my camera from the past week!
Me, Mary, and Tracy at Mary's fabulous engagement party!

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