Monday, November 2, 2009

Curran Craziness

Last week was full of Halloween activities. So, I started the week in a mad dash to finish the 2 year old art work for the school carnival and auction. It turned out awesome, but it took 4 different shoots and a little photoshop to complete. I love how it turned out and it was a hot item at the auction.
I also had my supper organized aunt came to help me organize my home....we started with the basement. Her initial comment, "Oh My!" Really? I thought I was doing pretty good. Here is a picture of the entrance to my basement. What do you think?
Wednesday night the nephews joined us for the church carnival. It was a lot of fun, but Jesse thought it was a little loud. Nathan ate sucker after sucker and Adam is still looking for a place to bob for apples. I guess he took the Charlie Brown special to heart.
Thursday night was the school carnival. It was awesome. All of the mom's and teachers did a great job. The kids loved it and I loved shopping the auction.
And, I WON this!!!!!........... The artwork from the Stingray class. Adam's flower is the orange and red one in the middle. I call it the "Ode to Bedlam". I love it!!!!
Saturday morning the sisters and I went wedding dress shopping. I loved the "bird cages". Mary, not so much. However, she has promised me one to go with my Matron of Honor dress. :)
The boys and I Boo'd a few neighbors!
And then we went Trick-or-Treating!!!!

Nate was just along for a ride........and some candy.All in all it was a great week and weekend. I hope you all had a great Halloween!!!!


Mary said...

"And on Friday my AWESOME sister picked up the boys and took them for pizza and then trick or treating! They had a blast!"

Cindy said...

I loved this post! I always love seeing pictures of the boys...

mlc said...

Dillon told me about the craziness with the pictures from Nate's class! You're going to have to go into business!