Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ms. Virginia

Today is Ms. Virgina's 93rd Birthday.  I know it is not polite to say a woman's age, but I think this woman makes room for exception.  If you told me she was 39, I would believe you. Virginia is amazing.  She comes to our knitting group every week with more energy than the rest of us combined.  She has taught us to knit, to laugh, and to make the most of each day on this earth. Virginia and I have another common bond.....we both think my husband is precious.  She blushes every time he walks in.  This past Valentine's Day I realized why.  Virginia passed around her engagement announcement.  She looked so young and so beautiful and standing next to her was a man that strongly resembled my husband.  So sweet.  Here's to you Ms. Virginia....Happy Birthday.

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