Thursday, January 17, 2008

Give and You will Receive

I have always know this little biblical that a word?, quip....anyway....I have also always hoped that I would give without the promise of receiving. But, today I received the blessing. I am a part of o Mom's group that meets once a week. We decided to throw a party for Emerson school, an alternative high school for teenage mom's. We decided to make a homemade meal and do a craft. Since I lead the "creative" exercises once a month, I was nominated to help with the craft. I am NOT good at crafts...they always turn out to be a disaster. Anyway, I agreed. I ended up doing very little prep work, but because I knew the girls a little, I led the activity. It was a huge hit. We decorated wood frames for Valentine pictures of their kids. They loved it and the frames turned out great! Here is the prototype we used, but I will be sure to get pictures up as soon as I get them.

We received a thank you e-mail this afternoon saying it was their best party ever. I am thrilled that we were all able to connect the way we are with these mom's who face so many challenges.


L,M -N-O said...

I am glad you had a positive experience. I hope the girls had fun. It looks like you had a cool craft.

GracefulMommy said...

who did that frame? It is neat-o!