Monday, January 14, 2008

My Word

I was listening to the CMP this morning. Amy was talking about thinking of a word to focus on for the year. This idea came to her from Ali Edwards. She has a great post from last year regarding "the word". Amy also encouraged sharing our word. So, here is my word, for better or worse.


This is one of my favorite words ever. It evokes thoughts of promise even in light of dark and confusing times. So, "hope" is the word that I will think and write about this year.

"I have learned two lessons in my life: first, there are no sufficient literary, psychological, or historical answers to human tragedy, only moral ones. Second, just as despair can come to one another only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings." --Elie Wiesel

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” --Albert Einstein

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Mrs. Pivec said...

Oh, a lovely word. It will be interesting to see how it affects you and what you write about this year.