Tuesday, January 8, 2008


What a day. I spent today helping to get the house I grew up in ready to sell. I didn't realize how sentimental I am toward my "home". (It is being sold for personal reasons that are not really very pleasant....so, this makes it even more difficult.) I sorted, organized, and cleaned. But, more than anything I reflected back on the memories. I loved my house, my neighborhood, and my life....most of the time. I found letters from my boyfriend, now husband and my wedding dress. I looked in all of my old hiding places to reassure myself that there would be nothing left behind. Finally, I got a wet rag and wiped down my old bedroom. This needed to be done because of dust left over from a ceiling repair. But, almost immediately after I began wiping down the walls it felt like some kind of cleansing ritual. I found myself talking to the walls and thanking them for keeping me safe for so many years. I hope that whoever ends up in that room and that house finds the same comfort I found for so long.

During the holidays my house was always decorated like Martha Stewart's home. Here are a couple of pictures.

Sorry for the sentimental post. This is just life...right?

One more thing.....as I cleaned I listened to a podcast produced by some kids from my home away from home, New Mexico. United World Radio is a class project that I became aware of several weeks ago, but I had not had the opportunity to listen. It brought so much perspective to my situation. The show itself is wonderfully put together and it does a great job shedding light on some BIG issues in the world. It made my personal struggle seem small. Thanks.

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